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The designer of packaging EV is an advanced CAD / CAM system for compact packaging designers and corrugated cardboard ..


It is very easy to use and designed with unprecedented speed to more complex packages.

It has resizable components ( . EVR ) to make their own designs. Simply insert the desired measurements in EVR and use the components and functions offered by the program to meet perfectly the needs of their customers.


Also increase your productivity because you can drag and drop components SYNERGY EV ( . CUV . EVX ) that automatically fit into your drawing. It also has an extensive library of standard components and resizable , including the ECMA and FEFCO designs


When you have prepared work, you can use the wizard to display the presentation in just a few steps and find the best size for more convenient sheet. You can insert any graphic design (any format) at work and it can be displayed in the presentation. You can define your own frames for printing design specifications with all the information you want.

You can also send online virtual reality 3D models of your design completely finished (with any typesetting and full color ) and can also view internal structure. To make real samples , you can use the CAM module supports any plotter or making machine samples.





- Printing Wizard: A Wizard that comes with our customers throughout the adjustment process and Ripping software for printing.

- Estimated Ink: Calculate the amount of ink to be used in printing workers reported the total cost per color

- Allocation of Pantone colors: Ensures fidelity in printing Pantone color printing

- Interactive Nest: Nesting files that are in line at Rip

- Boundary Court handled through a single program: No need of Corel or Illustrator

- Design - Contour Cutting: A tool that automatically draws the cut line around the work

- Make Transparent tool: to take the background color of the bitmap and do contour cutting

- Nesting of works drawn contour cut in other programs: Corel, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

- Full Support PDF: Edit PDF files without losing the characteristics and effects applied in other design programs;

PhotoPrint Editor: To add text, graded / gradients, Contour Cutting Lines and Pantone colors to work.

- Ripping Engine 16-bit I included the true Adobe Postscript 3 interpreter.

- Direct Scan Printing Row: Scan to Print using any TWAIN scanner.

- Color Separation for negative development (Photolithographs).

- PDF export filter: to create PDF files.

- Option to create profiles in a 2único program.

- Dissemination SO: A very fast diffusion type which has a better control variable dot printer. In other words, you can choose the size for each percentage point of printing covered.


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