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ESS - Digital Cutters Machines


BLADE ONE - 1509

Equipment provided with various cutting and bending elements, blades used for PVC, PP, Vinyl, white cardboard cutting, marking and creasing.

Dual head cutting tool and path that offers less wasted time, less personnel costs, less money wasted.
Also enables laser cursor positioning.

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BLADE ONE - 2513 Series 3

6 Axis fastly moving control system imported from Europe the machine with high precision and speed approving the perfect cutting.

Versatile intellective tool head equips with many kinds of tools like Half cutting tool, Arrow tool, Rolling tool, Router tool, V-cut tool, etc. applying to different materials and industries.

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BLADE ONE - 2513 + Series 3

Conveyor flatbed satisfy kinds of materials cutting request, such as coiled material, sheet material.

Full-automatic collecting and feeding material. Saving time and improving efficiency.


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BLADE ONE - 2513 + Series 6

BladeOne 6 serials digital cutters are more stable and solid with steel structure, which are based on a modular design concept that lends them greater flexibility and adaptability than that of any other system on the market.


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