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Rotary Heat Transfer Machines



HT (Heatertex Textile)
We designed the HT series for the textile market, a robust and flexible solution for roll-to-roll and piece-to-piece applications. This series is available in multiple configurations, ranging from 9 "to 17" in diameter and 67 "to 87" in wide transfer area. Our advanced PLC calibration system and optional touch screen provide convenience, reliability and safety.

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HS (Heatertex Sign and Graphics)
We designed the HS series for part-to-piece and roll-to-roll operation, making the HS series ideal for the graphics market and shops with limited space, we designed the HS series with the highest quality manufacturing standards. This series is available in 7 "diameter drum with 44" and 67 "wide transfer area, manual and automatic blanket calibration.

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HI (Heatertex Industrial)
HeaterTex HI Series are prepared for the transfer of large industrial sublimation productions of small and large format. The HI Series is completely controlled by PLC systems that guarantee its operability.

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Sublimation Paper

Fast Dry

It is available in different types of measures, adjusting to your needs, enjoying less waste, fewer roll changes and a longer productive life, with its fast drying and high transfer rate (98%) in fabric, saving time and labor in large productions.

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It is a paper used by many creators and fashion designers. Our paper is available in different sizes and thicknesses, easily adapting to the print design that the user requires. You can save money by getting less waste and greater productivity, because the paper will not let the fabric move and, as a result, you will have 98% transferred onto the fabric.

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Protective paper

It is designed to protect the blanket from the printed ink of the paper that cannot cover the fabric. With its composition of high-density natural eucalyptus fiber, it gives us greater performance and stronger protection. This paper has features that make it resistant to heat, thus extending the blanket’s life.

It prevents the excess gases from the ink from contaminating or circulating in the blanket. It is compatible with all rotating oil and electric heating drums. We have different width and length types for your machines.

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Sublimation Inks

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