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Electronic Sign Supply

ESS USA CORP is a master distributor located in Medley, FL that provides equipment and supplies for the dye sublimation industry established in May 2016 by Luis Alfonso Suarez (President).

From the beginning, ESS USA CORP has designed and developed products for diferentmarkets offering Best-In-Class turnkey solutions to customers around the world.

ESS USA CORP has become the wholesale distributor of important brands like HeaterTex, QualitexPaper, QualitInk, etc., working together with distribution channels across Europe, North and South American offering technical support, training, and know-how to our customer base.

Our Brands

HeaterTex Rotary heat transfer machines are designed for
continuous roll sublimation and/or item sublimation. Our
exclusive cylinder heating method provides uniformity in
the final result. It allows closed and constant temperature
control, thus ensuring excellent print quality in terms of
ink uniformity and penetration. HeaterTex rotary transfer
machines come in different sizes to meet your printing
and production needs.

Qualitexpaper is composed of our sublimation paper that
comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and applications and
protection paper to meet your dye sublimation printing
needs. Qualitexpaper sublimation paper provides a coating
that instantly dries and with a high transfer performance of
98% and consistently providing excellent quality.

Qualitink is high-quality, low-viscosity water-based
digital ink, perfect for sublimation on polyester-coated
fabrics and rigid surfaces, oers image quality,
high-speed performance, and provides true ease-of-use
with a simple, hassle-free start-up process.