DTF System E024


• High resolution due to droplet size.
• Recirculation system: Avoids clogging of white ink ensuring fluidity and normal operation.
• Ink activator system: prevents white ink sedimentation.
• Polyamide vibrator system for greater adherence and utility.
• Air filter to remove impurities from the heater.
• Automatic tension system to guarantee a uniform advance when printing.
• Motor (Take Up) to pick up the printed material.
• Continuous ink supply system, ink tanks and cartridges included without chip blocker.
• Heater controller: Electronic device that controls the temperature on printing area.
• Front heating plate: heating plate folds to save space.
• Media holder: front and back handle to adjust film´s pressure.
• Ink alarm system: Ink level alarm for each color channel.
• Static elimination for cleanliness and better adherence to fabrics.
• SHUREZ Flexi Software with built-in tools for better performance in production environment.
• Adjustable drying speed depending on print size.
• Robust Pinch Roller system: Holds down media that is not straight or comes loose, preventing misalignment during printing.