What is the finish or feel of the DTF prints

Using the DTF technique, we transfer the ink from a sheet called PET film. Since PET film is plasticized, the ink is actually transferred as plastic to the garment.

In DTF, the finish is plasticized

The finish is laminated, so it is quite resistant to being stretched and does not break easily.

After washing the garment, the touch usually changes, but it is quite soft.

If you print a large image on the entire front of a polo shirt or t-shirt, it may be uncomfortable, since the print simply won’t let the person breathe, and they will feel the plastic sticking to them. Your shirt is laminated, and is not breathable.

The garment should be finished after being washed

While the color remained after washing in a machine and by hand, the fabric lost its resistance to stretching, so it cracked.

For large images, it is not recommended if you want to provide a high-quality service.

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