3 steps you must follow to sell personalized t-shirts online

Especially now that t-shirts are more fashionable than ever!

Follow these steps and you too can sell your own:

We all like to carry messages or images associated with characters we relate to.

Fashion t-shirts are wardrobe essentials, combining with everything: informal looks, office looks, and jacket looks. They are a must in every wardrobe.

You can sell t-shirts online by defining the style and themes of your “Brand”

The steps to follow for selling t-shirts online are called “custom t-shirts”.

In other words, we will assume you do not intend to sell basic clothing.

➡️ The differentiating factor is creativity and imagination in your t-shirt designs. A factor that can mark success ⬅️


1. The first question to ask is:

What will be the themes that will star in your t-shirts?

abstract designs

original characters

Motivational phrases

You set the limits to your imagination. Defining your own style is essential to later find your market niche. If you want to stand out and find your niche, avoid replicating what others already do.

» Create your own brand

Think of an original name, that does not yet exist and is related to the theme of your t-shirts.

Your brand can be your own name!

✅ Johnny Cupcakes is an ecommerce of “bakery” t-shirts created in Shopify and that is giving a lot of talk in the USA.

✅ Staple Pigeon is another successful Shopify store that personalizes your garment with its “fetish” animal: the pigeon. Founded by Jeff Staple

» You will generate a “sense of belonging”

The feeling of belonging to a group, team, or “tribe” that shares our values and ideals makes us feel good.

Therefore, you can encourage this feeling in the messages, phrases and content that you spread on your personalized t-shirts.

You will attract clients who will be your future customers!

2. Decide what techniques you will use to personalize/print the shirts

The stamping technique will play a key role:

It will be part of your Branding and it will be a feature by which you will be recognized

It will determine the quality that your customers perceive in your personalized t-shirts

The budget that you will have to invest in its customization will influence depending on the technique used.

✅ Direct to film printing

This method requires the use of specialized equipment to make the impressions, it is one of the fastest methods out there. At ESS we can advise you on the equipment that best suits your needs. The most important! you can print on dark fabrics!

We provide personalized advice at ESS, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


As soon as you start receiving a large number of orders, saving time in printing each shirt will make the cost of the machinery profitable.

In short, each technique implies an opportunity cost, in terms of investment of:

Time: in customizing them yourself, acquiring the knowledge to do so, etc.

Money: subcontract to other suppliers, purchase of own equipment and machinery, etc.

3.  Analyze the investment you must make and the costs you must incur to sell t-shirts online.

Surely, at this point, you are wondering:

But, how much can it cost me to start on the Internet with my own online t-shirt store?

And it is that, especially when you start a new project, the budget is a limiting factor.

Here the short answer is always:


Since we’re here to give you solutions, we’ll go with the long answer so you can calculate.

» Base cost of the t-shirts (without customizing)

When selling t-shirts online, it is important to ensure that the raw material is of high quality.

→ If this is not true, the customization and other details may be amazing, but the basis of your project (the shirt) will continue to be your “Achilles’ heel”.

» Costs of customizing the shirts